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Rear auto locking differential

$725.00 Excludes Shipping, Import & Fitment Costs

NOTE: New version with components made at improved tolerance rates!

Auto locking differential for Renault / Dacia Duster 4x4

Tension differential is 3kg / m, and 5% of the traction wheel torque, this improves performance in situations differential field with a low coefficient of adhesion.

How it works:

Auto locking differential automatically distributes torque between the drive wheels optimum rear torque proportional to the increase came from the engine.

Maximum Lock wheel with the lowest grip is 70-80%, so there the complete blockage never occurs.

The interaction with the traction control and electronic stability system (ASR):

The auto locking differential's action is transparent to the traction control and stability, so the system will not interfere in any way in the operation of these systems, it will only help optimal torque transmission to the wheels back.

By using an auto locking differential, the traction control system is activated more slowly and less because the differential will be triggered much earlier. It will not interfere either with vehicle stability control because it is not a permanent block differential.