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ACF Rubber Tracks Conversion Systems for Dacia/ Renault Duster

$16,761.00 Excludes Shipping, Import & Fitment Costs

In one hour you can convert a DUSTER into an extreme off-road vehicle.

Rubber track conversion system is an economical solution which will tackle the most difficult conditions in snow, mud, sand and water.

The tracks are also at home on asphalt, at any time, the original wheels can be remounted.

Thanks to the rubber tracks you get:

  • Record floatability.
  • Ground clearance increase.
  • More torque.

Rubber tracks conversion systems are highly recommended in many industries:

  • Agriculture, rice growing, forest industry.
  • Mining, oil and gas, public works.
  • Networks water, gas, electric, telecom.
  • Wind and photovoltaic park.
  • Police, firefighters, ambulance.
  • Ski area management.
  • Mountain restaurant.
  • Mountain rescue.
  • Lifeguards
  • Defense industries
  • NGOs



  • Welded steel frame articulate
  • Exclusive damper system 3A®
  • Epoxy Powder coating black
  • Torque arm plug & play galvanized steel

Rubber track

  • Rubber track with aramid reinforcement
  • Width: 350 mm
  • All-terrain self-cleaning profile 30 mm


  • Sealed ball bearing axles
  • UHMW wheel with rubber tires
  • High-strength axles maintenance free


Vehicle width: 2160 mm

Ground clearance: + 210 mm

Turning circle: ditto original vehicule

Flotation: 170 g / cm2

Reduction ratio: 1,33

Top speed: 60 km/h (according to legislation in force)

Operating temperature - 40°C / 60°C

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 1000 mm

Width: 350 mm

Height: 770 mm

Weight: 4 x 111 kg

2 years warranty