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MAC-AFRIC Wild Dog 4×4 Synthetic Winch Line

$3,495.00 Excludes Shipping, Import & Fitment Costs

  • Lightweight: Wild Dog Synthetic Winch Line is 80% lighter than wire cable.
  • Safe: In the event of breakage, Wild Dog Synthetic Winch line won’t snap-back or whiplash-like wire cable. Wild Dog Synthetic winch Line will not splinter and tear up your hands.
  • Strong: Wild Dog Synthetic Winch Line has a higher breaking strength than wire cable giving you that added peace of mind when Dependability is critical.
  • This heavy-duty winch is ideal for 4 x 4 and rescue applications. It can be fitted to almost any surface that can take the load. Commonly used on SUVs, trucks or Bakkies (Pickup Trucks) Full Steel Reducer Gear Automatic Screw Cone Braking Action.
  • Permanent Magnet Motor Remote Control through the control box